VFR Aeronautical Chart 2023 – Serbia 1:500,000 Rogers Data

Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts – ICAO charts have a very detailed representation of the respective airspaces. We also use a high-quality topographic map with hillshading and relief as the basis for the map. This creates a dynamic 3D impression. In addition, Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts – ICAO charts have UL and glider flight areas, skydiving areas, hanging and paragliding areas. Airfields, reporting points, danger and flight restriction areas, border crossing points, significant points, air sports areas and nature reserves with flight restrictions are also marked. In addition, Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts – ICAO charts are based on the latest aeronautical information from AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) and its supplements from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). And also comply with the relevant provisions of ICAO Annex 4 – Aeronautical Charts and the relevant EU regulations. Special features for this region: Aeroporto, Aviosuperfici and Campo volo CTRs and CTRs with a defined lower limit Mandatory reporting points, reporting points on request, with ICAO code Flight operations with ultralight aircraft ULM/VDS Air sports areas and areas with recreational activities Nature reserves with aviation-relevant restrictions Military exercise and training areas Border crossing points

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Publishing year:2023
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia, Serbien
Categories: Aviation , Flight maps